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April 2012 - Happily Ever After ... Almost

Hello Friends & Family

We are REJOICING with our new life in Texas!!! We arrived in Blanco, Texas on February 21st - Mike's birthday!!! He's says it's the BEST birthday gift EVER to be back in Texas ;o))

The (19) dogs who came from Colorado, plus FREEDOM who joined us in Texas, are LOVING LIFE!!!! You can see from the pictures, these guys are very happy. Even my beautiful bamboo/orchid plant is happy & thriving!!! (Thanks, Rutledge!!!)
I was SO PROUD of my dogs who took the long journey to safety very well!! I swear -> I have the BEST DOGS on the PLANET!!! Eight rode loose with me in the van, Jo-Jo & Carmel rode with Mike in the suburban, Bigz rode with Mark in the U-Haul & the rest were crated in a rented cargo van with Liz & Pantera (who came along for the ride since Mark & Liz adopted Tera from us & couldn't leave her home while they helped us move to Texas). GOD BLESS Mark & Liz. MANY thanks to Lori Fabry who helped us pack & get gone!!! Tris, you too! THANKS!!! Blessings to DAWGS N TEXAS who also donated so we could get here!! Under My Wings and MANY OTHERS helped us get our dogs to safety!!!!

It was VERY HARD to leave behind the dreams & hopes & DOGS WHO NEED HELP in Colorado, but between the CO Dept of Ag & the County, it was IMPOSSIBLE for us to do what we have been called to do!!! Here in Texas, we can do it!! On a smaller scale, helping select shelters, but still - we are FREE!!! I can have ALL my dogs together in MY HOUSE!!!

Mike/Mark/Liz got us down here, then they returned to Colorado so Mike could prepare the Woodland Park house for the market. We are PRAYING it sells QUICKLY. We are FOREVER indebted to Dr. Paula Terifaj for ALL she did for us & the dogs - purchasing the house in Woodland Park, helping us with seed money to move to Texas. SHEESH!! That woman has a STOREHOUSE awaiting her in Heaven!!!

If you know of anyone looking to buy a house, here's our MLS listing:
We occupy an incredible log cabin with a wrap-around deck that sits on a hill above the Blanco River. Our only 'neighbors' are the COWS & HORSES, Roadrunners, Cardinals, a few lizards, etc. that reside on the 700+ acres that surround us. The pictures are great, but you can't hear the waterfall or feel the breeze through the trees, the Hummingbirds buzzing or feel the PEACE that surrounds this property. It's incredible!!! THANK YOU, LORD!!!!

I checked - this house is 'locked' in a 16-yr family 'probate', so it can't be sold!!! WHEW!!!
We have discovered this AWESOME PLACE - Tractor Supply Company!!! They have lots of great 'stuff' for fences, dogs, chickens (which we plan to build a chicken coop). They sell pine shavings, cedar-laced dog beds for the deck & house ... all kinds of FUN STUFF for the DOGS!!!

We are equal distance north of San Antonio, west of Austin. About 20 minutes to Luckenbach ~ you know, that 'get back to the basics of life' place. Fredericksburg & Stone Wall - home to MANY great Texas vineyards are within 30 minutes, plus lots of tourist-y shops & some great Texas eateries!!!

The hurricanes were far east of us, closer to the Dallas-Ft. Worth area - tornado alley. We prayed for those whose homes were lost, the animals who were displaced & the people who were 'shook' by the whole event!!!

SO GOOD TO BE HOME AGAIN!!! Yes, I may be from Seattle, but back in 1982 when I first 'met' Texas, I was hooked!!! Of course, Mike is THRILLED to be back HOME too!!! It's been wonderful to be able to be outdoors & not FREEZING!!! The weather has been great - enough rain to keep it green here in what's known as the 'Green Kingdom' (Blanco). Truly GOD'S COUNTRY!!!

We are so grateful to all who helped us & our dogs get here!! It's WONDERFUL to be able to help dogs again!!! The cabin has tile throughout, so it's cool & very dog friendly!!! Mike has been BUSY building fences, blocking under the deck & fencing the perimeter to keep the dogs within our acre.

The 'Almost' is we still have (8) dogs & the majority of our kennels still in Guffey, CO. We have had a Chip-In on Facebook to garner donations so Mike can return to Colorado to get the rest of the dogs, kennels, igloos, etc. We still have personal items in Colorado, but our #1 is to get the DOGS out of Colorado!!! We estimate it will take approximately $2,500 for the round trip - U-Haul rental & tow our van back, plus a friend we have asked to drive down with a few dogs too. We can only fit (5) crates in the van. We may also bring Paula's dog, Duke, back too because Paula needs to visit her mom in CA & it would be expensive for her to board Duke. Plus Duke knows us & he would LOVE it down here!! When Paula returns from CA, she can pick Duke up.

On February 8, 2012, I was in Park County court on our latest bogus dog barking complaint. The charges were deferred, which means I did not admit guilt. However, I was placed on 6-months 'probation' that if another complaint is lodged against us/me, I get hauled back into court, from Texas ;o( SO! I told the judge I would have all the dogs off the Guffey property the end of March ... that date has come & gone. The ONLY complainant has been a man who CAMPS nearby although he lives about 70 miles away. Thankfully, it's not camping weather in Colorado!!!

We had problems getting internet here at the house, so I'm just now able to send out a newsletter.

It seems no matter where we go, people EMBRACE our dogs ... I think every third person has a 'pit bull'. Our beloved Porsche & Clay, two of our ambassador dogs, turn heads & people can't HELP but love on them!!!
Let me introduce Clay ... he came to us from an unfortunate situation BUT I am DELIGHTED to have Clay as part of our family!!! Clay originated from California as a bait dog. I had to lay low when Clay came to us in Colorado because we weren't supposed to HELP DOGS. Clay & Yvonne needed help - we did it anyway, but kept a VERY low profile. He's an AMAZING boy!!! It was really tough on us, especially Toni. The truth be told, we did it anyway, just quietly ...
Clay & Freedom
We are THRILLED to be back in the land of the FREE!! FAR from cities that ban a dog based on LOOKS ;o(( Loving Texas, so grateful to be here. Imagine a bale of straw where the strings have been cut - POOF!! We are 'poofing' ... feels GOOD!!!
Mike aka Temper Young & his music have been warmly received & embraced!! It's ALL SO AWESOME!!!! He & Sleepy Dave, a musician friend also from Colorado, is staying here too in his RV, are taking Texas by storm!! They have a Sunday 'gig' at a great place called 'Hillbillyz', between Kendalia & Sisterdale (20-minutes from the house!) They've been asked to perform at a wedding, many venues to play at ... truly a win-win for ALL of us!!!! Truly life is GOOD!!!! Except our remaining dogs in CO ...
If you find it in your heart, we would appreciate your help - YET AGAIN - to get the last (8) dogs out of Colorado & down here with us. We want our FAMILY together again!! Even though some dogs are up for adoption, we consider them ours & family!
God Bless You!!! Our new mailing address is PO Box 891, Blanco, TX 78606. THANK YOU!!!!!! Email & website remain the same. Still need to update it all ... now that I am plugged back in to the 'cyber world', that will happen quickly!!!

For those who subscribe to 'Promises Kept', now that we are settled, monthly newsletters will resume in May. Some of the monthly pledges are 'ending', so if you would check & renew, we would be most grateful!!! LOTS of great inside information to come as we are now able to help dogs again!! We have NOT forgotten the plight of the Colorado dogs & are working with several rescues here to assist in their need to be SAVED FROM DEATH for their LOOKS. Sigh.

Please keep us in your prayers & thoughts!!!
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