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Merry Christmas Greeting from Mariah's Promise
Mike, Toni & Paula wish you all a blessed Merry Christmas and may all your needs be met in the New Year!! We are grateful for the support you and other animal lovers have given in our effort to do all that we can for the dogs who come our way. We have been able to help dogs like Blu, from Chicago, IL and Hallejuah (Hal) from the Bronx/Harlem, NY - both dogs were slated to be killed, but got out alive and are living large at Mariah's Promise. There's Tune, a lovely girl whose family lost their home and had no options in their area in Kansas with pockets of BSL. There was Annie and Flint, two stray dogs from the Springs who were on the euth list at the shelter. Then came Boo-Boo Bear and Dozer, their families victims of violence and the dogs needed a safe haven. Many others like them we have extended our hands to help.
We have also recently added an on-line store via Cafe Press with two graphics designed by Chef David, aka Forrest & Kane's hero. Check it out! We have converted a shed to house 3-4 dogs and are enclosing one of our decks to house 6-8 dogs inside. The enclosure is close to being complete, but we still need materials and donations to get 'er done!
"As most of you know, we have stood strong against BSL in Denver since 2005, even when we met discrimination ourselves for helping with family pets, along with the abandoned and injured victims of profiling against the bully breeds. We have assisted over 325 'pit bulls' who lost their families because of BSL and places where these dogs weren't welcomed in spite of having done nothing wrong. Many have gone on to loving homes where they are cherished and valued for who they are - great dogs with a heart full of love to give!! It is our deep desire that BSL goes away. In it's place, may there be an ordinance that pertains to ALL breeds of dogs, which is truly effective for public safety, unlike BSL which offers only a false sense of security and dogs needlessly exiled or put to death.
This is the Christmas Toni almost missed and has truly been a year of challenges!! We are especially grateful to Paula for stepping in last July to take care of the dogs and keep things running around here while Toni gets back on her feet. Thank you! We couldn't have done it without you, Paula! We are thankful to all who have stood by us and the dogs we work hard to help.

As you may already know, the adoption fees and donations we receive are not nearly enough to cover the operating costs for Mariah's Promise. Like all non-profits, we are always dependent on tax deductible donations from our friends and supporters to help us save these precious lives. It is only because of donations that we are able to continue. We have never ending veterinarian expenses, special food, straw, cleaning items, treats & rawhides, plus other typical maintenance expenses. We ask if you find it in your heart to consider making as generous a donation as you can. For your convenience, we are set up with Paypal. If it's easier, you can mail it to us at P.O. Box 1017, Divide, CO 80814. It all adds up and every penny is greatly appreciated and very needed. Thank you!!

"From our home to yours, Merry Christmas!!!
Gratefully,  Mike, Toni & Paula and the dogs at Mariah's Promise
We were overjoyed recently when our lovely Millie, who was a bait dog, was adopted after waiting two years for her perfect home and new sister, Athena. Watching dogs like Penny & Emmett blossom as they put on weight and play with their new friends Eureka, Vivian and Max ... these are the bright spots and what makes all the BS&T worth it!!! Someone found a 8-wk old pit pup who was starved in Manitou Springs, CO and brought him to us - we named him Cupid, and he is the newest member of our family, despite the bribes we've received to let him go ;-)

"We focused a great amount of attention on updating our website. We are forever indebted to Barbara Laird of Laird Webservice for making sense of all the bits and pieces Toni sent to her and coming up with a fabulous website (!! Thank you, Barbara!!
December 2008
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