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Archived Newsletters
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Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving. Even in the hardest of times, we all have something to be thankful for. We spent the day with Mike's mom and had a good time!!

You all top our list with your kindness. Many Thanks!!

The dogs are doing well. We had to bid Bigz adieu in early November. He came to us in November 2003, so he was with us almost 11 years, shy by one week.
The end of August, we found a young lab/'pit' mix in Blanco at the Texaco and brought her home, thinking she was yet another 'dumped' dog in town.  I named her 'Bonnie'.  She was a bit of a 'handful' at times, but she LOVED her friends, Ellie and Trixie.  Lo and behold, the Tuesday before Thanksgiving I get a phone call from Blanco County Lost and Found Pets that someone contacted them about a LOST female lab/'pit'.  Turns out, 'Bonnie's' people were in a terrible car accident two days before we found her, both had severe head injuries and Daniel was in a coma.  They were hospitalized until early November.  Friends tried to keep 'Bonnie' for them, but she jumped their fence and that's how we found her.  Her real name is 'Kia' and it was a tearful reunion that evening back at the Texaco.  WOW!!!  The 'princess' is back with her family.  Truly a MIRACLE!! 

This one even surprised ME and I'm 'used' to Miracles!!
We are preparing for another Texas winter.  The winds have been hard on our tarps, so it was JOYOUS when 'Nicodemus' and his new mom sent several tarps and wind blocks, along with knotted rawhide bones for the dogs!!  Thank you, Shannon and Nic.

The dogs also received some YUMMY (they said ...) treats and they loved them.  Especially the Pumpkin ones   Many thanks, Mary and nieces!!

We've had some cold spells, then it warms up some.  Feeding the dogs more now to help them with the weather.  Their igloos have either shavings OR a blanket.  Some treat their blankets like a 'chew toy', even though they have antlers or Kongs.  Sigh.  I'm concerned about them ingesting fragments, so they get shavings until the straw comes in.

Special thanks to those who sponsor some of our dogs!! It helps so much, especially takes the load off Mike to provide all.  Winter project is to insulate the main room so our electric bills aren't so high!  It will help keep the house cooler too come summer.  They range $300-500 +.  Oy!

Your donations and prayers sustain us!!  We still get many requests to help dogs, but we struggle at times to properly care for the (34) we have now.  There for a time, we were finding dogs around town - we took in five in about 6-weeks!  That doesn't include 'Bonnie' ... she came later.
We wish you all a blessed Holiday and a very Merry Christmas!!
Please keep us in your prayers, especially that some of our dogs get adopted.
We have about four who are highly adoptable and it grieves me that they are still here.

I am reminded of Nic who was with us for EIGHT YEARS -
he hit the 'mother-lode' and is making up for 'lost time'.

Still, our intention is to be a 'half way' house ...
So please keep them in your thoughts and prayers!!

God bless you all and many thanks!!!

Mike, Toni and the dogs!