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February 2012 - Texas Bound

Dear Family and Friends,

This is our last newsletter from Colorado!!  WOW!!  That's slowly sinking in ...

Check out the NEW HOME for Mariah's Promise!!!  Notice - NO NEIGHBORS!!!!  A generous acre 'notched' out of a 400+ acre ranch between San Antonio & Austin, TX.  Check out that porch - it wraps all FOUR SIDES of the cabin!!!  Picture dogs CRASHED & snoozing on the porch OR on the cool tile floors!!  The dogs MAY have to 'move over' for the guys pickin' guitars ... There will be LOTS of GRINNIN' going on once we get to Texas!!!!

This will be a HUGE undertaking - moving Priefert kennels, fencing materials, igloos etc.; household goods.  Moving vans, trailers to rent,  Gas to make the 16-hr trip, with stops.

Phase I, we plan to depart mid-February to vacate the Woodland Park property.  Toni will remain in Texas with the majority of dogs to unpack & 'nest'.  Mike will put up some quick kennels & fencing, then he'll return to Colorado to collect the last of the dogs & belongings.  The Woodland Park house will go on the market shortly thereafter.

We just need to get there!!  Get the dogs to SAFETY & away from the threats we've been under that they'll be confiscated.  We SO need a BREAK!!  Plus ... NO ICE & SNOW!!!  Toni says, "SNOW is a place to VISIT, not live!"

It's exciting to see the positive changes of NO KILL NATION taking place across Texas, but especially in Austin and San Antonio!!  We'll be right in the middle of it!!  In a place where our bully buds are accepted & aren't being culled by ignorance.  What a RELIEF that will be!!!

We need help with expenditures for this to happen.  It will be expensive and the GAS cost will be huge!!  Two 16-hr trips to Texas with multiple vehicles, several 'potty breaks' along the way with an overnight in Lubbock.  We figure about $3,000 for the rental trucks, trailers & fuel for two trips.

Above all, we covet your prayers for a SAFE TRIP & that the dogs will not be too stressed.  Anything you can donate will be GREATLY appreciated!!!

With all our hearts, we appreciate everyone who has stood beside us during our time in Colorado, especially the past two years.  We could NOT have done it except by the Grace of God & your encouragement, support & prayers.  MUCH APPRECIATION to those who added our dogs to your hearts & families!!!  We've met some INCREDIBLE people over the last 13-yrs in Colorado & we will miss your visits.  But Mike & I *KNOW* we will ALWAYS be close in our hearts!!!

We look forward to being 'embraced' in Texas, not merely 'tolerated', as its been here the last couple years.

Our email & Facebook pages will remain the same.  Once the computer's set up, the dogs are settled & adjusting, be lookin' for a GOOD REPORT!!  Again, please keep us in your prayers ...

Wishing everyone a HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY!!!  Hug yourselves for us and know how GRATEFUL we are to ALL of you!!!

As always, we appreciate your donations & prayers!!!!