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Sanctuary Dog of the Month
We have been 'showcasing' some of our permanent dogs aka 'Sanctuary Dogs'.
We have a few adoptable dogs, but the majority are 'lifers'.

Now, we present Bear & Bronco:
In 2006, we took a litter of (6) Shepherd/Chow/Husky mix pups from a small town in north Texas. All of them were adopted.

In 2013, after we moved to Texas, Bear and Bronco (sisters) were released to another rescue agency in Colorado. The rescue was boarding their dogs. The owner of the kennel became ill, was closing his kennel and they had to move their dogs. It came down to the wire where these girls were at risk of being put down ...

Even though the owner told the rescue the dogs came from Mariah's Promise, I didn't hear about them until a year later (May 2014) when they were URGENT. After a bit of a fiasco, we worked it out that they would come down here. Our friends, Katie and Matt, took a long week-end and drove the girls down.

Although VERY BONDED, the girls have 'issues' over food and treats with each other. Bear digs and broke out of a chain link kennel. I have them listed on Petfinder, but to find a home that will take BOTH and 'deal' with their food issues and escaping ... they may be too 'high maintenance' for most people. Plus they are now 8 yrs old - not too old, but still. Not a lot is working in their favor to find a new family.
We are committed to our dogs and it was a MIRACLE that brought them here. They are happy and we worked out a solution for feeding time. They are in a Priefert with sand over rubber, each has their own igloo. Bear (the dominate one) goes into the 'feeding room', while Bronco eats her food in the main part. They have NOT attempted to escape. Both are very sweet and loving. I pray for another MIRACLE for them, but in the meantime they will stay with us unless and until an appropriate home comes along for them.

Our 'promise' is All That We Can, We Will - thanks to our supporters' help and prayers!!
We have taken in three more dogs who needed help. Trixie was an owner release from Blanco. She just didn't 'fit in' - just a year old, LOTS of energy and for a single mom with four girls, it wasn't working. Sweet Trixie ... she was overwhelmed for the first week or so. Our dear dogs, especially Hunter and Ace, dedicated themselves to showing Trixie the 'ropes' on how to be a DOG. For Trixie, there was an invisible 'wall' where she would NOT leave the kitchen area and hid in her crate if spooked. Any sudden sounds, she was jumping into her crate (and out of her skin!!)

We had Trixie spayed and she got her first vacs (chipped, heartworm tested negative). It seems that during her spay procedure, they got all the 'timidity' too. She came back and began to 'live out loud'. She ventured into the living area, laid on the floor with the others chewing antlers and Kongs. In fact, she gathered ALL the antlers and stashed them in HER crate. Still on a learning curve, Trixie is doing GREAT!!! Happy, bright-eyed little beauty. NO CLUE what her mix is ... doesn't matter. May have some bully in her - that only makes her a better dog, in my humble opinion ;o)) Vet said she is a 'pit bull', but she's a mix.
Then came the call last week about two dogs who showed up in a gated, private neighborhood in Blanco. There is no animal control in Blanco County. Some dogs are taken to a local vet, held for a few days and if not reclaimed, they are euthanized. Typically, any 'pit bulls' or aggressive dogs are SHOT by the Sheriff's office. BOO!! These folks did NOT want that to happen to these two boys. So we borrowed a live trap after one of them would NOT come to anyone.
We got AJ ('Alvin Junior', because he resembles our boy (RIP) Alvin in looks). Just a pup, barely a year old. Sweet, friendly and happy to be safe. The other dog, we named Parker, was elusive. He got in the trap, took the can of food out and didn't trip the door. So, the homeowner purchased a new 'Coyote' live trap. We all spent five days trying to get Parker. David put some bacon in the trap - he was caught within five minutes!! Mike picked him up, brought him here. There was one joyful reunion!! Of course, both boys are intact. I can see where Parker HAD a collar on him ... I was hoping somehow they got separated from their people while camping. Not the case. Sadly.
Both boys are very adoptable AFTER we have them neutered and fully vetted. I did take AJ to the vet for a puncture wound to make sure it wasn't a pellet or BB - it wasn't. Keeping it clean, giving him antibiotics for another week. The first time I went to let them out, I told Parker that he needed to go back in when I told him. So while they were out, Parker ran IN and OUT of their kennel. Time to go back up, Parker was the FIRST one in! He appreciates having a safe place, food/water and an igloo to sleep in. AJ would NOT use the igloo until Parker showed him. They had NO USE for the pool. Parker is the 'brains' of the duo. He's probably 2 yrs old. Shy, but warming up.
Our Sanctuary Dogs are our "Resident Lifers".
Due to a variety reasons, these dogs are considered "unadoptable"
so they will live out the rest of their lives here on our Sanctuary.

We are committed to giving these dogs the best life possible, but it costs money to do so.

We are looking for small businesses or individuals that will commit to
1 year of sponsoring one of our dogs on a monthly basis?

For a monthly donation of only $30.00 you will be feeding a Sanctuary Dog of your choice.
Each dog shown below needs your help.

Click on the dogs photo below to read their bio on our website. 
When you have decided on what dog you would like to sponsor, click on the Subscribe Button
under their picture and that will walk you though the subscription process. 
Each of our sponsors will be given credit on that dog's Bio, and if you are a business
we will place your logo and/or website link there too.

This will set you up for an automatic monthly deduction directly from your account.
(This is powered thru PayPal, but you do not need a PayPal Account to sign up).
(You can cancel at any time if you are no longer able to provide the support.)
CLICK HERE to Sponsor Bear & Bronco
With the hot weather, it bears repeating to NOT leave your dogs in the car even for a short time. Already this year, many dogs have died in hot cars.

On a sad note, we had to let one of our Coyote-mix girls, Rita, go. I was very concerned for her sister, Josie, because she was very dependent on Rita. Josie is doing fine - I think Rita 'talked' to her from the other side. We've had them since April 2003.

Then we got word that 'Spot', a boy we had for 16-mos, who just went to a home in early April developed a horrible infection the vet believed was based on cancer in his body. Sweet 'Spot' ... they put him out of his misery because he was suffering. Such is life ... OY!! But Spot was ADORED and HAPPY for the last 2+ months with his new family. We were all heart broken!!
Tis the season for travel ... when you make your reservations, please use our YTB travel link. Instead of paying a travel agent, it will benefit our dogs. Competitive rates. Appreciate it!!
As always, we appreciate your support and prayers!! We are giving our all to the dogs and to our community,
though 'quietly'. You all know how we have struggled - taking on more dogs may not be 'bright'
on our account, but for the DOGS ... they appreciate it!!

God bless you all and THANK YOU!!!