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Archived Newsletters
A New Promise For Mariah's Promise
June 2010
Dear Friends ~ Over the years, many of you have stood by Mariah's Promise as we have purposed to assist dogs victimized by BSL, profiling, discrimination, irresponsible people ... many wrongs done against our animal friends. Mike & I have given all we have and  then some. Losing our business was the final blow. That took the house. It wasn't much of a house, but it worked for the dogs!!

In 2005 while taking in the Denver 'pit bulls', our neighbors raised hell (because they bought into the media hype about these 'vicious dogs'). They bombarded us with complaints and lies. One shot & killed our beloved Brindell who was two feet off our property. Others called leaving threatening, vigilante actions against us ... it was indeed hell on earth. We stuck it out because the dogs needed help!!!! So many needs, so few resources ... we just put our head down, working through the 'shark infested waters', to deal with all that was coming at us, all the while keeping the dogs as the focal point of doing all we could for them.

Losing the property rocked me ... I've withstood years of conflict, drama, trauma and stress. This time, it looked like that was about all she wrote for Mariah's Promise.  Still having dogs who needed shielding from the world was the inertia I used to keep going. We searched in four states for a place to move, with no luck.

About the time I'd given up hope, we found a place that would serve us well for Mariah's Promise. Right under our noses in Woodland Park!!!! About 10 miles from where we were in Divide. Truly, a gift from God handed down from Heaven!!

There was still the bridge to cross between finding the house and being able to purchase it - with a fresh foreclosure/eviction, it wasn't looking good. One of our longtime supporters and friend offered to purchase the property and lease it to Mariah's Promise with an option to purchase at any time IF we could raise the funds to secure the lease.  Hence this newsletter ...
The Woodland Park property will host a new beginning for Mariah's Promise, as well as Paula, Mike & me. The beauty of this place is it's located between two existing animal businesses on Hwy 24.  The house will provide a modest home for two leggeds & select pets, while the detached 25x30 garage will provide comfortable housing for the four-leggeds   Of course, the dogs will come in the house and spend time with us, but their space will be fixed up nice for them in the converted garage. We will put up large, secure play areas for them to romp & chase. It will be a WIN-WIN for all. We will limit the number of dogs to (30) on this new property. We have an over-flow place now that we will use for the balance of the dogs and rotate them between the two  properties. Faithful volunteers are already preparing grants and searching for ways to support Mariah's Promise henceforth to replace the donations our business provided for the past 7 years.
It was incredibly brutal to move everyone and everything off the Divide property!  Seven years worth of dog kennels & supplies was a huge effort!!!  The donations we received in early May made that happen - it was expensive and an extensive effort, but by the Grace of God and dedicated helpers, we managed to vacate May 26th.  We are camping with the dogs on Paula's 80-acres, with five in a boarding kennel, as we await what the future holds.
Over this past year, Mike had the opportunity to create a CD for the gifted songs he's written over the past 25+ years ... he was blessed to have some incredibly talented musicians lend their God-given talent to give Mike's music 'legs'. We recently used one of Mike's songs as the theme for an event ~ Love Never Fails. His pen name is Temper Young. Through these great guys, one of Mike's CD's made it to Nashville and we're hoping a few songs just might get picked up!!! If you're interested, you can check it out at
We are forever grateful to SO MANY - hundreds of dogs have you all to thank too!! If you could see their little faces, you'd see love & gratitude shining in their beautiful eyes.

We need your help to secure this fresh start in Woodland Park
~ for not just us, but for the dogs whose lives we work to save.
We only have until the early July to raise these funds, so time is of the essence.  Please click on the link to The Point, there you can read more about it and watch it 'grow'.  No amount is too small - we appreciate your caring!!!

We thank you for your generosity and devotion to the animals!!!
God Bless You!!!

Toni Phillips
Mariah's Promise
A Non-Profit 501(c)(3) Non Profit Animal Rescue Organization
P.O. Box 1017
Divide, Colorado 80814

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