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Hello Friends of Mariah's Promise

Bill Withers wrote the song 'Lean On Me'.  It has a line that applies directly to ME ... 'no one can meet your needs that you don't let show' ... click HERE to read Lean On Me lyrics.  The whole song is written as a reminder to me ... it's always been difficult for me to ask for help, but now I'm asking!!!  Pleading for the dogs!!!!

We all make plans, and then LIFE happens.  Sometimes those dreams take a 'powder' in the grand scheme of things.  Pollyanna here had all kinds of plans - an open house in September for people to preview our new property for the dogs that we were hoping to improve in August; plans to keep (14) dogs at the Guffey property and the remaining (30) dogs at the new Woodland Park house & property ... then LIFE happened and we're still struggling to bring it all together ... struggling being the key word here.

The REALITY of it - we still have several dogs in Guffey, a smitten here in Woodland Park.  I, Toni, have had some health issues over the past few months and am regularly visiting doctors to find out what's up.  (GEE! could it be STRESS!!??)

What many of you who are new to Mariah's Promise are not aware of, I had a very close brush with death in 2008 ... I had a radical & complicated hysterectomy in July 2008 and was hospitalized for 16 days and spent 7 months recovering. Because I was laid up, I was not able to contribute my part to our business. Coupled with the downturn in the economy, we had no choice but to close our business in March 2009 - with that, we lost our house in 2010.

That said, I am having several tests performed to isolate the health issues - the CT Scan this past week disclosed Diverticulitis.
November 2010
Our dogs are camped at Paula's property in Guffey too ... again, Paula to the rescue of the rescue.  She's GOLDEN and truly an ANGEL sent from HEAVEN to help the dogs & Mike & me.

Bottom line, it's costing us $30 per DAY to run the generator and for Mike to go to Guffey to assist with the dogs.  That's approximately $900 off the top.   The generator runs the well to water the dogs, runs the phones & provides heat in these cooler days.  We have been blessed with great weather, though we had a few days & nights of BRRRRRRR, winter is approaching here in the Rockies of Colorado.

Our operating expenses per month are approximately $3,000 ... our current monthly donations are about half that.

On November 2, 2010, I need to appear in Court over two barking dog tickets we received in Guffey ... a random camper at a nearby property saw that we had 'pit bulls' and started complaining.  The residents in the area of Paula's 80-acres know, understand and accept our being there and even defend us to Park County Animal Control.  Park County ACO's have worked with us for six years ... they know how careful we are with our dogs - they've brought several dogs, including nine of the neglected Hartsel dogs (starved sled dogs) in December 2009.  We've also taken pit bulls from them because no other shelters would, except to euthanize them.  It is by the grace and kindess of the Animal Law Center in Wheatridge, CO who have offered to help us with this bogus case ... so we will have some legal expenses in this instance. 

If you could help pay for my legal expenses,
donations can be made on our behalf directly to the
Animal Law Center
with the notation ' Mariah's Promise'.
4465 Kipling, Suite 108
Wheat Ridge, CO, 80033-2810
On November 1, 2010, our new "Mariah's Promises Kept" Newsletter to those supporters who have subscribed at a minimum of $5.00 per month, or have been generous donors, will receive 'Mariah's Promises Kept'.  This will be an 'insiders view' to Mariah's Promise - we will share adoptions, spotlighting some of our resident dogs, profile dogs for adoption, share news about Mariah's Promise and a 'Good For The Soul' story, along with great quotes we've found along the way.  Many of you have already committed to monthly pledges and we are grateful!!!  However, our needs are greater and for the sake of the dogs, we ask for more monthly pledges, donations to help us tend the dogs, maintain the Guffey camp and prepare the Woodland Park property for the dogs until we can all be under one roof.
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Donations made to Mariah's Promise go to the dogs and maintaining the facility(s) for them.  Unlike some of the 'big box' rescues who have offices in the 'high rent districts' of major cities ... we are all about the dogs.  I have been focused on getting dogs adopted into new homes.  Mike, Paula & I stand between the dogs and death, to be frank.  We do all we can for them but we need your help to maintain Mariah's Promise, keep the dogs alive and ready to join their new families.  It's been suggested to us to put the dogs back into the 'adoption mainstream', however many of these dogs CAME from the 'adoption mainstream' and were slated to be killed ... we just can't let that happen!!!

I know many hands are out for help and the Christmas Season is upon us ... thank you for considering Mariah's Promise as one you would help!!!

We continue to get countless calls to help dogs who are losing their homes for a variety of reasons. While we are unable to bring the dogs in, we are busy-busy-busy networking & praying to find these animals new homes!! It's been difficult, but we've managed to help a few get to new families!!!
Hold the date: December 4, 2010
Christmas fun for the whole family!!!
11:00-3:00 in Woodland Park, CO.
Details soon!!
Did you adopted a dog from us?
Would like to read your "Adoption Tail" in one of our Newsletters?
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with your story and a few pictures of your loved one.
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Help us win $500.00 worth of products.

All you have to do is vote for us.  Happy Tails Books is having a "Rescue of the Year" Competition.  The details are shown below.  Additionally, you can tell the whole work about why you voted for us, Mariah's Promise.  Happy Voting!
Welcome to our first annual Rescue of the Year competition. The winning rescue will receive $500 worth of free products to use for fundraisers, including some awesome books, stationary, Peekeeper doggie diapers, and Bissell vacuums.

Our leaders so far are: Dogs Deserve Better, Harlequin Haven Great Dane Rescue, Three Sisters Pet Rescue, and Florida Dachshund Rescue.

Hot on their tails are: Arizona Beagle Rescue, Carolina Care Bullies, Lab Rescue of Cincinnati, and Columbus Cocker Rescue.

It's not too late for anyone to pull into the lead - the competition has only just begun.

Voting is open between now and November 25. You may only vote once.

CLICK HERE to vote:
Rescue of the Year Competition
Donate a Kuranda bed and make a world of difference for a shelter dog.
God bless you all and as always, we are so grateful to you all!!!!!!

Mike, Toni, Paula & our Dogs