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November 2011 Update

Dear Friends of Mariah's Promise

We enjoyed a great turn-out at the National Pit Bull Awareness Day in Littleton, CO.  I've attached a short video of the event.  SO MANY PEOPLE came to participate - it was SO COOL!!!!
National Pit Bull Awareness Day

I had the incredible honor of being recognized by the National Pit Bull Awareness Campaign & Jodi Preis, Founder of Bless The Bullys.  Jodi did a 'spotlight' story on different people heavily involved in advocating for Pit Bulls on many levels.  It was a blessing to be included, although I know our neighbors did not appreciate what we were trying to do.  All of us in rescue are so busy with all the aspects of rescue, we don't often have the opportunity to see or hear what others are doing ... so this was a wonderful way to share everyone's work & cheer each other on!!!
(Tater [on the left] with his new 'sister', Dosha)
We had a few adoptions in the past month - HOORAY!!!!!  Kelly, a Rottweiler who fell from the back of a truck & broke her right rear leg in three places found a great home near West Creek.   A darling little blue pup, Tater now has a great new family.  And Seven, (Sven) has been in a foster home, but it's looking like another 'foster failure'.  Those darn bully dogs!!!  They'll do that!!

While we have been maintaining a VERY low profile, we have been involved in rescue of dogs who lost their homes.  Not near the scale we once could help, but nonetheless.   We've heard rumors that we closed down.  That's not the case.  We backed up to regroup, but still care for (30) dogs.

This is the expensive time of year for us - heating with propane.  Like most rescues, our donations have dropped significantly.  We are down about $2,000 in October & it will be slim in November unless donations pick up.  It costs us approximately $3,500 per month to maintain Mariah's Promise.
When we had our shop, Mike built a few custom tables and we have one that was on consignment in a local motorcycle shop that had to downsize.  This is a 'component' table that can ship anywhere.  The tabletop is redwood; swivel padded tractor seats; this is an indoor/outdoor table.  It's elevated with rubber feet to 'slide' across surfaces & not scratch the flooring.  A unique & 'fun' table!!  We are asking $1,250 or best offer.
We appreciate our supporters & donors who help us help the dogs!!  We see how the down turn in economy has adversely affected many, so it's even MORE a blessing when we receive donations with that in mind.  I see news of many rescues closing, others downsizing significantly ... we pray the Lord will sustain us & provide homes for our dogs in His time.  We found homes for many dogs during our tango with the State. That cost us THOUSANDS in keeping the dogs safe & out of kill shelters!!!  Really took the wind out of our sails, I must say!!  But what choice did we have??  There was NO WAY we would allow the dogs to be put in a situation to be put down.