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Donations are always welcome
Just a reminder for Holiday Travel plans ... you can make the same plans on our website through YTB and instead of paying a travel agent, the extra monies can help the DOGS at Mariah's Promise. Same deals all around ... please consider using YTB to help our dogs, especially if you plan to travel anyway! We really would appreciate it!!!

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A donation in any amount can be made through our secure PayPal account,
or you can mail a check to our P.O. Box  (P.O. Box 891, Blanco, TX  78606)
The purpose it really serves is to elevate the kennel floor off the dirt and get their igloos off the ground for those rainy times. Not only that, the dogs are so much happier in their 'cleaner' kennels!! They are also easier for me to maintain. We were able to improve (14) kennels, which leaves (6) 5x10's and (1) 10x10 to go. Mike used up the 12-tons (24,000 pounds) of sand we had brought in and the cement board, plywood and 2x4's. He loaded a wheel barrow up and rolled every pound into the kennels. Last week-end, we had a 'heavy rain' (3-1/2 inches) and waited with baited breath to see how the kennels held up ... PERFECT!!! The seven who are still in kennels that need to be remodeled were soggy and we had to crate some dogs to keep them 'dry', but the others were good. A few had 'heavy tarps' that needed to be 'drained off', but otherwise it was GREAT!!! PRAISE GOD!!

Mike estimates to finish the last seven at $50/per kennel, which is approximately $350. ANY and ALL help will be GREATLY appreciated!!!
Barney's Kennel After
Barney's Kennel Before
Java's Kennel
Sand Pile
Fall is headed our way ... in Texas, that will mean cooler days which will be NICE!! Hopefully some much needed rain too.

In July, Mike spent a couple weeks remodeling the kennels, using sand and cement board to 'raise' the kennel floors. He also built decks for their igloos in most of the 5x10 kennels - this gives the dogs some 'choices'. They can lay on their deck, in the sand UNDER the deck, or in their igloo or on the cement board. They are SO HAPPY with the new kennels!!
October 2013
With the Holidays coming, please consider purchasing Antlerz4Dogz for your own dogs OR as gifts for your pet-lover friends' dogs and designate Mariah's Promise as the rescue. We would receive a 10% of your purchase, again, benefiting our dogs!!! OUR dogs LOVE the antlers!!! All sizes, all ages, all breeds. Please check out this link. Remember that NO ANIMALS DIED in providing these NATURAL, WHOLESOME, LONG-LASTING treats!!!!

Currently Antlerz 4 Dogz is offering a 10% discount off their Jumbo Base Chewz in addition to a 10% Donation to us.  The Jumbo Base Chewz are ideal for large to giant breed dogs ... especially the "Bully Breeds".  This sale is only good through Oct. 15th, so don't lose out on that opportunity.
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We watch the news online and see how tough times are!! With that, we are SO GRATEFUL for ANY and ALL the support our dogs get! We brought (27) dogs down from Colorado and took in two 'street families' from San Antonio, three 'bite' dogs from a Texas Shelter whose only future was to be killed. Smokey, Lexie, Barney will probably live out their lives with us due to personality issues. All three were labeled as 'pit bulls' - NONE of them are 'pit bulls'. We took a sweet girl from Waco and one from Tyler, TX who actually are 'bully' breeds
We did take in another small family from Blanco through the Blanco Police Dept.: Cocoa and her ELEVEN puppies were left for a WEEK unattended. Cocoa was chained and her puppies were left loose to run. The owner of Cocoa and pups was sited and did jail time for 'abuse and neglect'. By the time we could connect with the owner and the PD, there were only two puppies still with Cocoa. We made room for them. Both puppies have been adopted and we pray Cocoa will also go to a good home, under the circumstances. She's only 18-months herself and she's a DELIGHT!! Great with all other dogs, crate trained, intelligent and EAGER to please!!
We list our adoptable dogs on Petfinder & Adopt-A-Pet and PRAY they will find good home. Several of the dogs here are 'lifers' ... for various reasons - some age, some personalities, some are just not 'stable' to be in the general public. This turns us more into a 'sanctuary' than a 'rescue'. We do the best we can, but we house and care for (40) dogs at approximately $25/day to feed them ALONE. Vet care and other care is extra. So, with that said, while Mike works 40-50 hours per week to cover the rent and utilities and other expenses, we still need assistance with their care.

We are GRATEFUL for any and all donations!! THANK YOU!!
A donation in any amount can be made through our secure PayPal account,
or you can mail a check to our P.O. Box  (P.O. Box 891, Blanco, TX  78606)
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We hope and pray every who reads this is doing well!! Times are hard and we know that!! BLESS each and every one of you who donates to help these dogs - dogs who, by NO FAULT OF THEIR OWN, are here with us. I have dogs who so deserved a family, but one never came for them! Nicodemus is one of them ... he came to us in 2005 when his people had to move IN to Denver and he couldn't go. Stellar dog, but he didn't stand a chance with all the puppies and young adults that came to us. So Nic is still here - he's now 11 :( Spry and sweet, good at everything you ask of him. Still ... we give him and ALL of them the best we can - because of YOUR HELP!!

God bless you and THANK YOU!!
Mike and Toni and the dogs!!