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September 2011 Update

Dear Friends ~

WOW!!  It's almost mid-September already!!!  We had a very busy Spring & Summer due to our adventures with the state ... we went through some serious hoops to keep the dogs out of their clutches!!  Boarding, doggy day care, extra vetting, a few unexpected medical emergencies - it was an expensive summer!!  Plus attorney fees ... we are really grateful to the donations that helped cover those costs!!  THANK YOU!!

What's really cool is many of our dogs went to GREAT homes!!!  Thank God for a few 'failed fosters' too ;o)  It was frantic for a time, but the dogs are safe and we lived to tell!!  By the Grace of God!!!
Honestly, after all the bashing, falsified reports, selective enforcement that goes on in Colorado, we have decided NOT to be licensed by the state.  This limits us taking in dogs, but after the past two years of needless harassment & embarrassment ... we'll operate within the parameters of fewer dogs for now.  I cannot begin to tell you how brutal it was.  The laws they impose are so high for rescues, but are much lower for breeders, pet stores & puppy mills ... it's just wrong.  The state went after all us rescues who helped the pit bulls, while dogs died on the ends of chains, or were abandoned in their kennels or are killed with dish soap injections in their hearts.  GEEZ!!!  Favoritism & selective enforcement abounds.  No thanks!!
One of our ever faithful friends & supporters, Paula Terifaj, DVM, has done so much for Mariah's Promise over the years!!  Dr. Paula purchased the Woodland Park house in 2010 & leases it to us under a lease/option.  Dr. Paula has Founder's Vet in Brea, CA and just recently opened a way cool dog spa for dogs & their people in Desert Hot Springs, CA called Dog Spa Resort.  Check it out Wish we lived closer!!!  Our West Coast friends can partake!  Also, check out Dr. Paula's e-books on holistic health care for your pets.  Dr. Paula also founded ROVERlution, the first 'pit bull awareness' March in 2006 and then created the website Denver Kills Dogs.  That woman is AMAZING!!!

So, as if Dr. Paula hasn't done enough, she sent us two large boxes of shirts from Denver Kills Dogs to sell in honor of October's PIT BULL AWARENESS DAY.  We have a wide variety of sizes.  We are asking $10 for the shirts.  Please provide a mailing address & size(s) & we will mail them to you upon payment receipt.  Postage is included.

Please make your check payable to Mariah's Promise and mail to: P.O. Box 1017, Divide, CO 80814
I've been looking for a way to work from home, so I can continue to care for our dogs, respond to emails & phone requests.  I was introduced to a product that captivated my interest.  Personalized nutrition, skin care & weight management based on MY own DNA!  All natural ingredients to supply my body with it's own needs.  With rising health care costs, maintaining HEALTH is key!!  Just like our precious dogs, one size does not fit all.  I had added energy, better sleep & just overall good feeling!  If you would like to give your body exactly what it needs while supporting Mariah's Promise, contact me at
Some may have seen the episode that Mariah's Promise participated in with Pit Boss.  For those who haven't, click the link to watch it commercial free [].  Our hope was to show just how difficult it has been for people to relinquish their beloved pets AND how it was.   Animal Planet captured it!!!  In 2005, Mariah's Promise took an average of 3-5 dogs PER WEEK from homes or dogs who had been confiscated being held at Denver Municipal Shelter, narrowly escaping death.   Approximately (52) people returned for their dogs once they moved to a safe town.  THIS is what galvanized us in helping the people with their dogs.  It was life changing for ALL!!!  Few people saw what we experienced ... until now!!  Hats off to Pit Boss!!

Link: Project Free TV - Watch 'Pit Boss Season 4, Episode 2 on videoweed for free.
I'd like to share another piece that really struck home with me - it's truthful & honest.

Cruelest Trick Ever Played On A Breed of Dog

Visit this website:
October is PIT BULL AWARENESS MONTH and October 22nd is PIT BULL AWARENESS DAY.  Mariah's Promise is an ALL BREED RESCUE, but we do love our bully buds!!!  Check your local area for one near you, even if you don't have a bully breed - show your support!!  As everyone has said, WHICH BREED IS NEXT!!???
As always, we are forever grateful to our friends & supporters!!
We pray that all is well with you & yours!!
God bless you!!!

Mike, Toni, Paula & a bunch of great dogs!!!!

When you hear "PIT BULL", think ...
Pleasing, Intelligent, Treasures, Beloved, Unconditional Love, and Loyalty ...  this puts you closer to the truth about these awesome dogs.