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September 2012 Update

Dear Family of Friends

Hi y'all!  We're still here ... busy as ever!!  We're ALL loving Texas!  We've had some HOT days but are coming into the fall, which is WONDERFUL!!!  Last week, we had a few days of steady rain AFTER an afternoon/evening of monsoon rains!  Makes the next day 'fun' cleaning up the kennels.  The dogs go into crates for the night on the deck, so they are safe, dry & warm.  We get their kennels cleaned up before they go back.

I'd like to introduce Smokey, a 7-yr old boy we took from Pflugerville back in April.  We were told Smokey is a 'pit bull'.  Doubtful.  Vet said JRT-x, being that he's only 20#.   Recently brought Smokey into the house & he has been adjusting to the house pack.  Sweet boy, he was terrified of every noise for the first couple days & 'planted' himself in front of the kitchen sink!!  Our sweet boy, Clay, drew along side Smokey & helped him learn the ropes so he relaxed.  Smokey 'asked' if he could get on the couch & now he knows that's totally okay here. Smokey is now much closer to being able to go to his own adult home (no kids).
Beverly Lussier created yet another phenomenal design exclusively for Mariah's Promise that is simple but speaks volumes!!!  Many different products are available on Cafe Press with postage stamps available on Zazzle.  Check out our 'shop' on our website.
Our dogs have REALLY enjoyed their Antlerz4Dogz!! 
Antlerz4Dogz sells high quality antlers.

Approximately three months ago, we received our first order of antlers & the dogs are STILL chewing them!
Mateo & Penny are avid, daily chewers
& their antlers are still going strong!! 
Even Dovey, our 10# Yorkie-Poo,
enjoys chewing on an antler!! 
Plus, we receive a donation on all who select Mariah's Promise
as the rescue choice & we greatly appreciate that!!!
We fostered a little family for San Antonio Pets Alive! who were just hours from being put to sleep.  UGH!!  The puppies are now back with SAPA! volunteers attending adoption events to find their forever homes.  We are continuing to foster Momma Cass & one pup we named Ace because he needed some 'tempering' with bigger dogs - he thought he was something in the litter, so we kept him.  He has really taken to Clay (don't they ALL!), so he's doing really well.
I would like to encourage all who can to open your heart & home to FOSTER for your local shelter or rescue!!  Fostering is so VITAL to the work of helping homeless animals!!  In most cases, the shelter or rescue provides food & all vetting, so it's simply giving a dog or cat or bird or caged animal a safe place to stay until they move on to their forever home.  Each shelter/rescue has their own policies & requirements for their foster homes, so check that out.  It really does help save lives!!!  Yes, it sometimes hurts to see them go, but pat yourselves on the back for SAVING THEIR LIFE!!!  And of course there's always the risk of being a 'foster failure' ... still, you saved a life!!
While we are an ALL BREED rescue, we became heavily involved in rescuing 'pit bulls' in 2005 when Denver reinstated their Breed Ban against 'pit bull type dogs'.  That said, we follow closely the happenings in the 'pit bull world'.  Rescue by itself is VERY emotional!!  Breed profiling & discrimination takes it up a couple notches & people become incensed & lose their cool when faced with BSL.  I have been watching the progress of a great on-line radio talk show - Pit Bulletin Legal News (  I sincerely appreciate their extra efforts to research topics, talk to people involved & they offer a great program on the 'hot topics'.  They really have integrity!!  For those who have bully buds, you'll appreciate the up to the minute (almost) reporting.  Check them out!  You can listen to past programs by topic on their website.

On the topic of 'pit bulls', there's another group whose work I really truly appreciate ...  From their Facebook page -> "GRASSROOTS CAMPAIGN TO Correct the perception of pit bulls from 'vicious' to 'FAMILY' in every corner of the world and end housing and insurance discrimination toward pit bull families.  TOGETHER, we WILL 'Lick Discrimination!'"  Too many dogs of several targeted breeds lose their homes due to insurance discrimination - there's a list from here to the corner of what's wrong with THAT!!  I'm old enough (cough!) to remember when having a RED vehicle of ANY make or model upped your insurance significantly!!  Two lifetimes ago, traded in a Trans Am for a Ford pick-up truck that was RED ... insurance almost DOUBLED.  Because it was RED.  A wise person with lots of time traced back how that came to be ... seems it was RED sports cars that were involved in many insurance pay-outs.  (A huge thank you to my brother, John, for that bit of trivia!!)  So if 'professional' dog people can't visually determine the BREED of a 'pit bull', how can insurance companies have this 'broad brush approach' to banning ALL 'pit bulls'???  Not dissing my insurance friends, just sayin'.  The other breeds (Rottweilers, German Shepherds, Dobermans, Chow-Chows) are more 'standard' in their appearance & even so it's still WRONG.
Last 'Pit Bull' item - October 27th is National Pit Bull Awareness Day this year!  I encourage all of you, regardless of your breed of dog, to participate in an event in your area. 

You can check on for an event near you.  For Colorado peeps, there's one being held in Colorado Springs & another in Littleton.
On a more personal note, Mike is employed, working 50-hrs a week ... makes for some tired people here come Friday.  But we are indeed BLESSED that he has work!!  We slide out every once in a while & visit some really cool places around here, like only 15 minutes from the house. Check out that dance hall !!!  They host live music a few nights a week & Temper Young has been able to play a few tunes!!  Another great live-music friendly place just up the road in Johnson City is  Temper Young has been invited to play several times in our own town of Blanco at

It helps that the owner is also a musician ;o)) Matter of fact, Temper Young will be playing this Saturday (9/22) at Zocalo from 6:00-8:00, so that will be FUN!!!  But our most favorite live-music eatery is Alamo Springs Cafe.  Their only website is for their menu, but they have a Facebook page ->  Here's where we try to be the second Saturday of every month to watch the TX Ladybugs perform their awesome music!!!  They were kind enough to invite Temper Young to open for them a couple times!!  It's a very cool 'everyone' place near the Old Tunnel & bat cave outside Fredricksburg proper.
I still enjoy random visits from the cattle & horses ... we even have a small herd of Axis deer we see every so often that live in the area.  There have been LOTS of baby cows & 'watching' them grow has been thrilling for me!!  There's a huge Black Angus bull that lumbers around every so often ... he's more of a loner it seems.
Life has improved greatly in our move back to Texas - HOME!!  We still have our struggles & ALWAYS appreciate donations & prayers!!!  The dogs are good, they are happy & healthy.  We are working on adoption options here.  It should be easier with the cooler weather we are getting now.  The added cost of HW prevention & fleas - nasty buggers!!  We try to use essential oils & a more natural approach to the fleas, but we'll need to use Heartworm prevention & wormer for those tougher worms that are 'special' in the south.  But it's all good!!!!!  We are frequent visitors to Tractor Supply for pine shavings for the kennels.  At Sutherland's, we discovered this cool product called 'Hardy Board' for the kennels to keep the dirt to a minimum, especially around their food/water dishes.  We didn't bring all our rubber mats down from Colorado, they are expensive, so we found a great alternative!!

We are staying true to our 'repurposed vision' of housing not more than (35) dogs.  Food is always a need & we are trying to stay within our means, unless there's a DIRE need to save a dog's life.  We have been purchasing two types of Victor Dog Food - grain & additive free  (    It's very affordable & it's a quality food.  One beef & rice, the other chicken, lamb & rice. 
We have also just signed up with a new on-line pet food program - Buy One Give One (  When you purchase a bag of food through their program & click on Mariah's Promise, they donate a bag to us!!  It's all top-shelf food AND it helps our dogs!!  Please check it out!  (Note:  We've just recently signed up, so our name may not be listed yet, so check back if it's not.)
To those of you who set up a monthly donation via Paypal - THANK YOU!!!!  Every bit adds up & it has helped us greatly!!  These donations expire after one-year (you can cancel at any time if need be), so they need to be renewed if you're still able & willing to help in that way.
We have started listing our adoptable dogs on the website.  We have some GREAT dogs who SO deserve a family of their own!!!  Still making connections for background checks & home visits since we are almost starting from scratch down here.  Please visit our Available Dogs page to meet them all.
Thank you - sorry this is such a long newsletter.  I realized I hadn't done one in a while & I wanted to share some things ... LOTS of things I guess! ;o))
Before I close, here's a fun thing ->

God bless each of you & as always we appreciate YOU!!!!!! 
Please keep us in your prayers.  THANK YOU!!

Mike & Toni