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Summer 2009 Newsletter
Dear Animal Angels,

I have intended for months now to write an update and here it's August already!  Where'd the year go!!  We've had some wonderful animals come to us who needed a fresh start and they are on their way!!
Check out Hallejuah (Hal), our boy from the Bronx who came in early December after a month on death row in Harlem.  Hal was brought to our attention by our friend & supporter in NYC, Wayne Johnson.  It took a few weeks to get Hal sprung from doggy jail, but with cooperation between NYC Health Dept. and the Sheriff himself of Teller County he got here safely.  Hal has a growing list of fans ... he's our greeting committee of one and he loves it!  Many thanks to Sheriff Dougherty, Norma Torres of the NYC Health Dept. and Wayne for lifting Hal up above the crowd.
Then came Tyson from the lovely village of Cohasset, MA, just north of Boston.  Karen Quigley, a Selectwoman in Cohasset, wrote a lovely story for their local paper which she has given us permission to share. Click Here to read.  Ty is about 10-mos old now and doing great!  He still favors Pistol, but frolicks with other dogs as well.

See how well Tyson is doing at Mariah's Promise:  Click Here.
We are often asked why we take dogs from other states when there are so many in Colorado who need help.  Simply, because we are asked.  We cannot save them all, but these "everyday dogs" need help too!  They live in every day homes with every day people who need help.  They aren't high profile people with deep pockets - they are people who deeply love their dogs and for no reason of their own, they have to find safety for them.  Some are temporary, some are released to find a new home.  These people have searched high and low for a rescue.  Other rescues have turned them away for a variety of reasons, but they are welcomed here when we have the room and funds are available.
We were incredibly blessed to have 42,000 pounds of high quality dog food donated in May!  It was truly Christmas in May to be set with food for a long time!!!
We are excited to tell you we have been invited to participate in 'Sessions with Cesar' on-line training program.  As Cesar says, "I rehabilitate dogs and train people".  This gives our adopters a reduced access to training and gives a portion back our dogs!  It's a wonderful win/win for all!  We thank the North Shore Animal League for the invitation and opportunity!  You'll see it soon on our website.  It's not limited to just our adopted dogs ... feel free to use it for your dog!
Speaking of our website, I hope you'll check back often for news and updates.  With the climate of change for pit bulls in Denver and across the states, we are always adding items.  While people have appreciated the updates of the pit bulls on the Bully Buds and BSL BS pages, the most commented page has been our 'Good For The Soul' page, which our awesome web designer, Barbara Laird, suggested!  It's been fun to find things to add to that page.  If you come across something you'd like to share, please send it our way!!  Being involved in rescue on any level has been serious, so it's been refreshing to have a lighter side to share.
I would like to dispel some concerns people have had about Mariah's Promise.  First, our website says we helped more than 300 pitbulls from BSL or discrimination (it's actually now closer to 400), but please note they are not all still here - they have gone onto a fresh start in new homes.  Secondly, this year there have been two anonymous calls made to the Dept. of Agriculture PACFA division, which grants us our state license, about the care and condition of the dogs and our property.  Because they are anonymous, there's no one to call back to report to, so I thought I'd put that in here for those who are concerned about the welfare of the dogs.  The dogs are fine, the concerns are unfounded.  I appreciate people who check us out because there have been some situations where the dogs are rescued in very poor conditions, but we run a pretty tight ship here and the dogs are ALWAYS FIRST!!  We've had visitors from 22 states and no one has found the dogs to be less than happy, friendly and content, as it should be.  While it is known that Paula and I are the main caregivers of the dogs at Mariah's Promise, along with Mike, we also have dedicated volunteers who come to help and spend time with the dogs.  This should dispel the rumor that "some of our dogs never get human touch" (that one hurt!!).
Kristi comes to take Boss, Jr., a young Staffordshire from Junction City, KS, who came to them starved with his feet burned from standing in his crate filled urine & feces.  Boss, Jr. loves his day trips and sometimes over-nighters with Kristi and her rescued, rehab'd bully girl from Georgia, Stevie Nicks.
And Amy & Jeremy who take Tequila (formerly Atilla)
hiking or just to run errands for the day.
Then there's Ed who takes Baxter for long walks every week in the national forest just north of here.  We are grateful to everyone who takes our dogs into their hearts to give them special time & care!!
One such visit was from one of the founders Denver Kills Dogs, Mark & Marie Schoenfeld from Los Angeles, as documented in picture by Monika Courtney and her husband, Tim, when they visited with Mark & Marie.  Mark & Tim were floored to see all these 'dangerous pit bulls' running together and playing with other breeds, having a good time and enjoying their new people friends.  What has been "life as usual" for us, came as a total surprise by our visitors!!  Mark kept saying, "If I hadn't seen it for myself, I would never have believed it!!!"  Monika did a great job putting it together. (Check out their photo montage).
Mark & Marie then took time from their vacation to bring Marcus, a deaf Bull Terrier, from Albequeruqe, NM, to our friend Hope Hemperly of Colorado Sheltie/Collie Rescue in Pueblo, CO.  After being checked out by the vet at Best Friends Animal Hospital in Pueblo, Hope brought Marcus here to find his forever home.   In just a few short weeks, Marcus is now living out loud in Parker, CO with a wonderful doting family.
We have four other deaf dogs (Chico, Junior, Robyn, and Shamrock) here right now who are looking for loving homes.  Deaf dogs need extra attention because they can't hear you call them back.  Going to a home with a hearing dog is a great way to train them, as they have someone to follow and learn the ropes in their new home.  Taking in a special needs dog, such as one who is deaf or blind, adds an extra commitment to the care of these dogs and we are thankful to those who do!!
Stay turned to reality TV - Animal Planet's "Pit Bulls and Parolees", which airs in September.  Tia, who this Animal Planet reality show is centered around, has been a fabulous pit bull advocate and has even taken some Denver doggie refugees! Spread the word!  Read more about Tia Maria Torres and this upcoming show:

"Tia has been an inspiration to me in her work with our Bully buds and then with the addition her work with parolees.  Mikey D, the producer this reality show, drove to Colorado last year to check out for himself how a city like Denver can ban a dog based on looks!!  The documentary that shows his journey can be purchased on line at  I hope you'll keep your eye peeled to watch this show next month!!"
- Toni -
The Spring & Summer months are usually a time of animals needing homes, kitten season & people making moves before school starts in the Fall.  This year has been more challenging because of the economic downturn.  People losing their homes, needing to downsize or move in with family has really made the needs of the animals even greater.  There's been an increase of divorces and domestic violence - this adds even more animals without a home.   We get calls & emails from people every day needing help for their animals!  Without the help of YOU, our supporters, we cannot continue to be effective in such a time as this.
There are even fewer places for 'pit bulls' to go with the ignorance of BSL popping up across the states, it's truly a continued crisis condition for these dogs and the people who love them!!  While we are fending off discrimination towards us because we help these beloved family dogs, we are diligent to continue helping all that we can.

August 25, 2009
Protest Rally starts at 1:00 pm
1437 Bannock Street, Front Lawn
At the City and County Building
Visit our website for more information.
Please realize, we are a temporary place for most dogs until their permanent home comes along.  Yes, there are dogs who will live out their lives here because they have trust issues with new people - we'll soon be adding a new page on the website for people to read their stories and sponsor them as their hearts lead.  But most of the dogs who come here are just passing through to their own homes, learning to trust again or heal from some sort of abuse or wound, then they move on.
Such is the case for Rudolph - he came here from New Mexico with battle scars, a broken foot that healed on its own, and love in his heart with thanksgiving that he was safe ...  Rudy healed inside and out and now lives in the Musgrave family here in Woodland Park, CO, with Tune (now Tina) who came in 2007 from a Kansas family who faced losing their home AND discrimination.  Two very fortunate dogs who are ADORED!!  We thank the Musgrave's for opening their heart to Rudy!!
It's dogs like these who come here - they didn't ask to be born, they sure didn't ask to be dumped or abused or injured.  They sure don't deserve the discrimination they are getting.  The bully breeds are some of the most loyal, loving, eager to please dogs of all!  They are willing and eager to forgive, forget the past and move on to their part in a family.  So horribly misunderstood, they get bad press at every opportunity.  We are proud to be involved in restoring the image of the 'Pit Bull' to being the family dog they have always been.  It's PEOPLE who make a choice with these dogs - it's not the dogs.  Just as people drive cars and make choices, people choose how they train dogs (or not!).
Being so passionately involved, the plight of these dogs takes up a lot of our time & energy.  We are moving forward to putting up more play yards, building 'cottages' for the dogs with in/out access.  Several hundred feet of fencing has been donated and will be going up this month, provided the funds for materials are available.  These projects are necessary but costly, so any donations are greatly appreciated!!  We are so grateful to those who donate their time  in helping!!

It takes $2,750 a month to keep the doors open, the lights on, the water hot & flowing here at Mariah's Promise.  There are additional vet bills, projects, maintenance costs to cover as well.  It is an all volunteer organization, so every red cent goes to the care of the dogs.  We give the dogs rawhide chips, soup bones and toys to entertain themselves.  Gift cards to WalMart, Lowe's, Home Depot help immensely!!  We currently have $500 a month coming in consistently from donors, the rest comes from adoptions and folks who visit to make a contribution for the dogs.  As you can see, some months there's a big gap in what we NEED and what comes in.  We are grateful to those who give monthly - THANK YOU!!  We need others to commit as well to helping us help the dogs!  We have to juggle to make ends meet and some months they don't even wave at each other.  We look to you, our Animal Angels, to do all we can!

If you would like to contribute a financial donation, you may do so by using our secure online PayPal account, or by mailing a check to us to the address shown below.  A donation of any size makes a difference in the lives of a homeless dog.
The generous donations we have already received from many of you have already saved the lives of many dogs that were facing eminent death.
Spirit in the sky, who watches over all animals. It is my prayer and my request that you grant greater understanding, and acceptance to humans; those who love us, and those who hate us.

That they will know how loyal we are, how brave we are, and how loving we are. Help them to accept us as a breed in whole, and not let the few tragedies shine brighter than the many great traits that we have.

And those who would kill me, let them know, I forgive them,
even though I don't understand their hatred.
And those who would beat me, let them know I still love them, even though it is not the honorable way.

Thank you for all the strong traits that you have given to me, and my breed. Help those to know that I stand for courage, strength, loyalty, and bravery. And as my master already knows, let those who would come against
my family know that I would surely die defending them.

And just one last thing that I would ask: Let my master know, that if you should call me away, that I will wait patiently at those pearly gates until the one
who chose me, comes home.

A Prayer of a Pit Bull
Recommended Reading

We are SO excited for Pam that
her book has been published!!
Purchasing this book helps
the animals, so spread the word!

"Dogs at Large chronicles the
adventures and misadventures of
six rescued dogs who find
themselves unceremoniously
abandoned after the death of
their human mother."

Christmas is coming - this would be
a great stocking stuffer.
Imagine writing this book in tandem
with a full time job AND caring
for the dogs at The Old Dog House ...

Hats off to you, Pam!
Margo's Bark Root Beer

You may have heard about Margo's Bark Root Beer, the all natural cane sugar soda for humans which generates 100% of its profits for shelter dogs and rescue organizations. The root beer was invented by 8 year old Oscar Youd as part of his school science fair in 2008. He named it Margo's Bark after the family dog who had been rescued. Oscar and his family had so much fun, they decided to make the root beer commercially and see if they could help the cause of shelter dogs. A year later not only is the root beer finished - as of later this week it is available in Whole Foods in SoCal, NV, AZ and HI; in Bristol Farms throughout SoCal; and also in a number of boutique markets in Los Angeles.

Getting into Whole Foods and Bristol Farms is a big deal for Margo's Bark, and the initial weeks in store are a critical period for long term success of the product. Margo's Bark has donated to Evidence of Love, and  we'd love to see them succeed. If you get a chance, stop in to your local Whole Foods or Bristol Farms and buy a four pack or two.

For more on the Margo's Bark story, go to
Reading back over this, it's no wonder I could just now get to an update!! We appreciate everyone who extends their hearts and hands to help the dogs here at Mariah's Promise!!  It's only because you care that we can help these dogs.  Thank you and God Bless you.

Mike, Toni, Paula and a host of dogs!!
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