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Happy Tails
Yahoo !!!  We've been Adopted !!!
Kira was one of those 'long distance' placements ... she'd spent a long time on the streets of New York before she decided to trust Rosemary. Placed in a couple of homes, Kira was not happy and returned. Rosemary had to travel to Europe and needed a place for Kira. A friend of mine's parents live in PA, so I called and asked if they would be interested in fostering Kira ... he graciously said he would ... she captured their hearts and is still with them two years later!! Looks like she found her forever home!!!

Note from Kira's new home:  Here's our new little girl kira---and we love her! thanks so much for turning us on to her!
Bridgett came to us from Oklahoma looking for a new home at the age of 6! When Tim & Inge lost their Rott, they were in search of another girl - when they met Bridgett, Tim couldn't wait to take her home!!! She has a wonderful, dedicated family who love her very much!!!

Note from Bridgett's new home:
Well it has been almost 10 months since Brigett came to live with us and I thought you might like an update. She has put on some 20 lbs and now weighs in at about 112 lbs. She has learned to walk without pulling at the leash quite so hard altho she has kind of screwed up my right side rotator cuff somewhat in the process. But she is learning and that is all that counts. Brigett has such a wonderful disposition and has accepted our family life and joined right in. She loves couches and chairs, has beds all over the house and feels right at home. As you remember, one of my key needs was a protective dog and she has taken on that role with gusto! Hence my rotator cuff being jerked around a bit. She is everything we had hoped for and a little more. Inge took a while to warm up to Brigett as she carried the torch for Micki, the Rottie we hand to put down because of cancer, for quite some time. But our "little Oklahoma redneck daughter" has worked herself into Inge's heart and is firmly established as our baby.

Hope all is well with you. Take care and we wish you well. Bridgett sends her love. Tim

Sally AKA Hope
Sally/Hope, her mother (Aja) and sister (Sabien) - more victims of Denver's ban. Sweet girls all of them!!! (and yes, they all went to great homes!!!)

Note from new mom:
Hi! Its Julie, Chris and I adopted Sally (Hope) in Sept.
She weighs about 45 lbs and is active. She sleeps and eats like a champ everyday. She is excited but well behaved around other dogs and plays nicely with toys and bones. She goes to work with me everyday and is fantastic around people and she continues to suprise me about being so gentle around kids...she might not be a good guard dog b/c she starts wagging her tail and giving kisses when she meets strangers! That is if she is not napping in the sun!
Hooch AKA Magic
Magic/Hooch has a very interesting history. In December 2006, found hit and left with a broken pelvic on the side of the road in Grand Junction. Their Animal Control Officer put out a plea to help this fellow, because he was so exceptional!! She personally delivered him to us at our vet's office where he was assessed and surgery was scheduled. After three months of healing, Magic was ready for his own home. A family came to visit our dogs, stating they wanted any breed EXCEPT a 'Pit Bull' because they 'aren't good for family pets'. Well, they visited all our non-Bully dogs but none were what they were looking for. They saw Magic in the front bedroom window and the look Magic gave them, pleading to meet them in person. When Magic was brought out, he was so appropriate with everyone ... as you can see, he is a wonderful family pet. Magic also became the neighborhood's favorite dog - everyone wanted to come play with Magic!!! Pictures are worth a thousand words!!!

Note from Hooch's new family:
Hello Everyone!
These are the latest pics of our friend Hooch. My youngest one (Jackson) is absolutely in love with him, and lays on him every chance he gets. Hooch doesn't seem to mind at all. He also enjoys the lazy afternoons in the sun right now. At night, I can't seem to get him out of my bed. He'll start by sleeping on his dog bed, and wait until I fall asleep. The next morning he's usually right there beside me SNORING!!!!

What a guy :) hope you all enjoy these.
Obie came to us as a pup from a rescue in Texas, looking for a forever home. He certainly is loved and cherished in his new home!!!
Maggie & Winston
Winston (left) and Maggie (right) were two very lucky kids!!! Especially Winston! He came to us after being drug behind a car in Denver .. he was only 8 months old!!! A kind vet attended his wounds, then contacted us to take him because they had no options in Denver due to the BSL. Maggie was released by people along with her brother because they didn't have time for them. Looks like they fell into the right hearts!!!!

Note from new parents:
The attached picture was taken earlier this summer (2007) at the top of Palmer Park, Maggie and Winston's favorite place. They are both doing very well........spoiled more than ever, but that's OK.
Oscar AKA Noodle
Noodle, now Oscar, was yet another victim of Denver's ban ... he found a loving home, that's for sure!!!

Note from new family:
Oscar (Noodle) is enjoying his first Christmas with us, he is such a love, such a good boy and just a snuggle muffin.
The sleeping pix are a slumber party with Parker - 6, Hailey - 4 and my niece Taylor - 6.... I ended up sleeping on the couch that night. For 4 little things under 60 lbs each, they take up a lot of room.
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Missy Hope AKA Gizmo
Missy Hope came us to sick with parvo and the previous people were not going to treat her ... she pulled through and found a fantastic home with Vickie & Jeff! She comes to visit every once in while and is just as happy as can be!

Note from new parents:
Hi…just wanted to give you an update on Missy Hope who I rescued from you a few years back now.
Gizmo now has 6 other brother and sister of who we rescued all but three. She is a great girl and loves to be loved and loves to give kisses. She still seems timid…as you can see in the picture w/my boyfriend…he ears go down all time…we don’t know why and we don’t really care…we love her so much!

We have moved up to your area and would love to come meet you and see if we could help you and your organization out in any way we can.

Vickie & Jeff
If you adopted a dog from Mariah's Promise and would like to be shown on our Happy Tail pages, please email a photo of your dog along with a note to let us know how your adopted dog is doing.