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Happy Tails
Yahoo !!!  We've been Adopted !!!
Flash was another victim of Denver's BSL ... he is living out loud with his new family and they ADORE each other!!

Note from new Mom:
He's a pit bull/boxer mix and adorably sweet!!! He came with the name "Flash" as he has a white lightening bolt on his brindled neck. He is now 12 weeks old and smart as a whip!!! Dakota is a very patient "bonus" dad as you can see!
Toby lost his home when his dad had to move in with family out of state due to health issues. Toby is a great boy who has found his forever home!!

Note from new family:
I just wanted to let you know how much I'm enjoying Toby! He is such a sweetheart. I'm so glad you encouraged me to consider bringing another dog home. Belle is doing really well, too. Her new family absolutely adores her.
More to Come.  Keep checking back
If you adopted a dog from Mariah's Promise and would like to be shown on our Happy Tail pages, please email a photo of your dog along with a note to let us know how your adopted dog is doing.
Tina aka Tune
Jan. 1, 2009

What a wonderful New Year!  We got Tune home, which we have decided since she has had a few names, Valentine, Tiny, Tune, we are calling her Tina and she is coming to us, hope that is ok.

We got her home and she settled right in and plays great with our Pug Zeke and the 3 boys!  We took her for a long walk to the mailbox and hiked all over our property.
We just gave her a bath in the tub and she loved it!

Thanks again.

God Bless you for the wonderful things you are doing!

July 26, 2009

"Bonnie came to us from some folks who adopted her from a kill shelter.  She wasn't a good fit in their home, but if they returned her she would have been put down, being a pit-x.  So Bonnie came here about the time I was hospitalized.  I wasn't in any shape to work with Bonnie, so I asked Longmont Humane Society in Longmont, CO if Bonnie could come there for training and placement.  LHS has a phenomenal trainer, Aimee Sadler, who put together an exceptional training program.  Bonnie responded very well and was involved in many of their group training sessions.  Lo and behold, Miss Bonnie was discovered by a loving family and they took Bonnie home!  We have established a valuable relationship with Longmont Humane.  We have since exchanged dogs and had other dogs go up for evaluation and training."
Watch Longmont Humane Society's video
August 1, 2009

As you can see, Gwennie's favorite place is our bed!! She is an absolute delight, adds so much to our family, loves our kids, and loves her new brother Cody. She takes very good care of all of us and has also proven to be quite the watch dog. One bark from that dog and people quickly know our house is well protected, even though we know she'd never hurt a fly. We absolutely adore her and can't imagine life without her. Thank you for bringing Gwen in to our lives!

God bless!

October 2009
At Christmas 2008, Oreo was a girl in need from Columbus, Ohio.  She arrived here shortly after Cristmas for a temporary stay until she could go back to her beloved 'dad'.  Here, Oreo made lots of friends - Eureka, Vivian, Rudolph (pictured together) , to name just a few.  In May 2009, thanks to Trucker Tom, Oreo got to go back home to her dad!!  Tom snapped this picture somewhere along the way of Oreo and another trucking dog, captioned, "Which way are you going?"  Tom said when she saw Sean, she didn't know what to do with herself.  Recent reports are all is well back in Ohio!  Thanks to all who assisted Oreo!!!
November 26, 2009
Note from Frankie:

Hello Mom Toni,

Just wanted to let you know how I am doing!  I am adjusting pretty well!  There's lots to learn - I was afraid of the mixer, vacuum, hair dryer, computer printer, ... but I'm learning about all these things in a house.  I am trying to be a good , loving, boy and my new mom is proud of me because I keep trying my best .  I've learned its not ok to jump on furniture and to be nice to my new mom's neighbor's dog who wants to always come over and visit - she's a Border Collie and older than me so she's grumpy sometimes but I just try to go around her in the house and not bother her!

I love playing outside in the yard - I'll send pictures of me and my new Kong squeaky toy which I love to squeak!  I haven't jumped the fence - really trying to be good!  I am walking much better on the leash when we go walking in the neighborhood, learning not to pull and stay close to my new mom.

On this Thanksgiving Day I am very thankful that you gave me a second chance and took such good care of me!  I will try my best to be a good, loving boy that you believed in!

Woof, woof, Frankie