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Archived Newsletters
'UPDATE: Mariah's Promise marches on into the promise - We've Got Keys
August 2010

What an amazing journey this has been!!!  We're not there yet, but we're sure closer!!!!  Thanks to SO MANY!!!!!  There were some changes in the financing, therefore more money was required to secure the property ~ it took  $20,000 to make this happen. That took the extra we planned to use to fix the property, but that's okay - now we all have a home to go to!!!!
Two months of camping has been an incredible experience, one we all have enjoyed immensely.  Honest !!!  The look on peoples faces when we tell them, 'We're camping on private property with (55) dogs' ...  PRICELESS!!!

This is the front of our new home
This is our backyard
Cows come to visit
Our Campsite
Crashed out in the Camper
First order of business is to secure the perimeter fencing and the front gate for safety; cross-fence for play areas.   Prepare the garage with OSB or drywall, then cover with non-pourus material (FRP or Kynar).
This is the garage where the kennels will be set up.
We need to apply to County for a 'special use permit', then once that's in place, apply for & receive the Dept of Ag, PACFA license before we move more than six dogs onto the property.

There's alot to do, but first is get it safe for the dogs.  Then we'll unload the house furniture, which are minimal, and the household items.

We do have a 'wishlist' of materials to prepare the yard(s) & garage (click here) if you have any of these items or can donate towards our getting them, we would GREATLY APPRECIATE IT!!!!!.  We have been collecting some materials for fencing, but we need other items as well.  There are great re-sale places in Colorado Springs, like the Habitat for Humanity store that we can get materials for a lot less.  There are items we need to rent - a skidsteer/bobcat, gas powered post hole digger.

We will also need (5) more Uptown kennels and (5) 5x10-ft Priefert kennels.  Another need is a heavyduty FRONTLOAD washer & dryer.  We go through a pair about every two years.

We have had many requests from people for an 'automatic donation' withdrawal program  (Click here to be redirected to our Monthly Donation Page).  Our blessed & gifted web designer, Barbara Laird, has set one up for us through Paypal!!!!  There are several monthly pledge increments to pick from.  With this new property in Woodland Park AND maintaining the sanctuary side in Guffey, our monthly operating budget is at $1,850.00.  We have applied for a state PACFA license in Guffey and will rotate dogs & people between the two properties.  There needs to be some winterizing done in Guffey, but we have a temporary plan to house the dogs in the barn and set up a solar-system for heat.  We will house only (30) dogs in Woodland Park and probably not more than (15) in Guffey.  The Woodland Park property will be the rescue/adoption site.  We will also be holding some off-site adoptions, which I'll explain in an update.  We have LOTS good plans to roll out once the property is all set up.

We will be having a Christening/Open House in September, date yet to be determined.  It will depend on how things roll along, but we'll let you all know as soon as possible!!!  We would be delighted to share with you what YOU have done!!!

These are some very exciting times for Mariah's Promise and we are PUMPED!!!!  It was an incredible experience to see how many people care about the dogs and donated towards The Point to secure this property!!!  I was astounded, to say the least!!!  God bless you all and many, MANY thanks to all our friends!!!  A SPECIAL THANKS to our benefactor who prefers to remain annonymous!!!!

Toni, Mike & Paula

Mariah's Promise
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Divide, Colorado 80814

P.S.  For the time being, our mailing address will remain the same :
POBox 1017, Divide, CO 80814.  Telephone the same 719.687.4568
Cooling Off
The dogs have had a great time, although the cows stumped them the
first time we were surrounded by a local herd