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A special message from Toni Phillips

Our dogs, Mike, Paula & I cannot thank you all enough for your Paypal donations and monthly pledges!!  LOTS of tails wagging around the campsite in Guffey!!  God bless you all!!!

To update you, we are still working on getting the Woodland Park property prepared for the dogs, while still maintaining the Guffey camp.  With the cooler weather, we are using the generators more to keep warm (approx $30/day).  The days have been warm & beautiful while the sun shines.  The dogs snuggle in their igloos, in the straw & blankets at night, but are happy & goofy kids!  Of course we want much more for them and couldn't provide that without YOUR HELP!!

We've had several GREAT adoptions recently, but still have more terrific dogs who deserve homes of their own!!  If you can add another love to your home, please let us know!!  We can provide transport after an approved application & home visit ... we do participate in Petfinder & Helen Woodard's/Iams 'Home 4 the Holidays' programs ...

But if you can't adopt one of our dogs, we do participate in the Petfinder 'Sponsor a Dog' program ... in the NEW member newsletter, we will highlight some of our dogs who will most likely remain with us for the rest of their lives and sponsoring them would be AWESOME!!!  Or a donation via Paypal with a specified dog would work too!!  The member newsletter will provide an 'insider' to the happenings around the two Mariah's Promise locations ...

Many thanks to all for your help!!  God knows, we couldn't do this without YOU!!!  We have endured much prejudice, discrimination and outright slander because we stepped up to help 'pit bulls' along with other 'every day' abused, abandoned and misunderstood DOGS!!! 

Your caring is PRICELESS!!!  We can NEVER repay you, but knowing the dogs have had a chance at a new life ... I pray that comforts you, that all you've done HAS made a DIFFERENCE!!!!

Forever grateful!!!!
Mike, Toni, Paula & all the dogs!!!
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